Can Heat Pumps Be Repaired?

Most HVAC systems utilize either a condensing unit or a heat pump to cool your home/building during the summer, but over time you may need to have your heat pump or condensing unit serviced.   S&L Prime has been providing HVAC installation and repair services to most areas of Maryland for years, and wanted to […]

Why is there Frost on my HVAC Unit?

frost on hvac unit

It’s normal for your heat pump to have a bit of frost on it, particularly when it’s humid outside or after it rains. When a heat pump begins heating up it starts to pull heat in from the outside air. When it does this the humidity and moisture that’s in the air can become frost […]

Is Your Heat Pump Hurting Your Home?

heat pump install repair

Your heat pump is vital this time of year as temperatures drop and the need for indoor comfort increases. If it’s not running efficiently, however, it could be causing costly issues whether you realize it or not. Here are some ways your heat pump could be hurting your home: Old, Inefficient Heating Do you know […]