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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Ductless Air Conditioning

Whether your home’s HVAC system is struggling to keep up with heating and cooling your home year-round, or you’re simply looking for a more reasonable and possibly money-saving solution to keeping you and your family comfortable, ductless air conditioning is one of the very best options out there.

Let’s take a closer look at why ductless A/C is a top choice for homeowners throughout Maryland.

Reason #1: It’s Energy-Efficient

Say goodbye to combustible fuels when you outfit your home with a ductless HVAC system from S&L Prime. Because no combustion gases are emitted, ductwork and venting aren’t necessary for these systems to run. The primary benefit of not using ductwork means there is no thermal leakage or loss of air, which is known to increase energy consumption. Not only is saving energy good for the environment, but you’ll see a significant decrease in your utility bill as well.

Reason #2: It Provides Zoned Comfort

Ever wished you could only run the A/C in a room when you’re actually occupying that space? Now you can. Ductless A/C units are installed in each area or room of your home and are controlled individually. This means that if you spend most of your time in one area, you can turn off the A/C in the rest of the house whenever you aren’t in those spaces. This reduces energy waste and allows you to maintain your ideal temperature in whatever room you’re using.

Reason #3 – It’s Flexible

Big, bulky indoor HVAC units can be an eyesore and can cut down on storage space in your home. Ductless units can be conveniently installed anywhere in the room, as the system’s tubing allows the air handler to be positioned and moved where it is most convenient for you. Many homeowners opt for wall-mounted units to keep the floors open and allow the air to circulate from above.

Reason #4: It’s Easily Installed

Ductless A/C equipment has refrigerant pre-installed, unlike conventional HVAC systems. This cuts down on a bit of work when it comes to the ductless installation process. Your contractor will set your system’s indoor unit in place and drill a small hole in an appropriate spot on the exterior wall in order to pass the tubing through to achieve a connection to the outdoor unit.

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