Are Ductless Systems the Right Choice for Your Older Home?

How are you keeping cool in your older home this summer? You might think that your air conditioning options are limited to a noisy, leaky window unit. But, there’s good news. Even though you have an older home, you can still enjoy the benefits of a ductless air conditioning system. Here’s why your older home […]

Summer AC Trouble: 5 Warning Signs

Summer AC trouble and warning signs

Now that summer is here, you’re probably using your A/C more often. But, what happens when your A/C suddenly stops working? You’ll be left uncomfortable in the heat and humidity until an emergency A/C repair is complete. However, if you pay attention to these five warning signs, you can prevent an unexpected breakdown and remain […]

Is Your Commercial Building Ready for the Heat?

Is your commercial building ready for the summer heat?

Here come the hot days of spring and summer. When hot weather arrives, will your commercial building be prepared to tackle the heat? When was the last time you checked your commercial building’s HVAC system? Here are some things you should do to get your commercial HVAC system ready for the heat. Clean and Replace […]