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Why is there Frost on my HVAC Unit?

It’s normal for your heat pump to have a bit of frost on it, particularly when it’s humid outside or after it rains. When a heat pump begins heating up it starts to pull heat in from the outside air. When it does this the humidity and moisture that’s in the air can become frost and can cling to the pump.

Luckily your heat pump has a defrost mode that should kick in after 30 – 90 minutes. Sometimes however this defrost function can malfunction and you may need some Baltimore heat repair. We wanted to take some time today to talk about some different reasons you may want to have your HVAC unit serviced.

Your Heat Pump is Gathering Ice But Isn’t Defrosting

If your heat pump has had ice on it for over 90 minutes, then there’s something wrong with your defrost function. It may be a bad defrost timer or a malfunctioning reversing valve. If your defrost mode is malfunctioning then you should contact a heat repair specialist in Baltimore, MD.

The Heat Pump Defrosts But Frosts Over Again Quickly

It can be natural for the heat pump to frost over when it’s humid outside, but if it’s dry outside and your pump frosts over then you may be low on refrigerant and you likely have a leak somewhere. You’ll need some help from a Baltimore, MD heat and HVAC repair expert, and you’ll want to do it soon because the longer you wait, the more refrigerant you’ll lose.

Your Heat Pump Defrosts But Blows Cold Air

The whole point of your heat pump is to provide heat to your home, so if it’s blowing out cold air then something’s obviously wrong. When the heat pump starts its defrost cycle it sends hot gas into the outdoor coil to melt the frost. Coincidingly, the fan in the outdoor unit should shut off and should turn on the auxiliary heat. If it doesn’t, it’s time to call in the professionals to look at your HVAC system and get the issue diagnosed and repaired.

Get Help From a Baltimore, MD HVAC Specialist

Here at S&L Prime, we’ve been providing our HVAC maintenance and repair services to Baltimore and all surrounding areas for years. We take pride in our work and are proud of how many customers return or refer others to us. Our team of heating repair experts are highly trained and are always more than happy to help. Give us a call today.

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