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Ductless Heating Repair & Service

If you have a ductless heating system in your home, you’re already enjoying all of the benefits these modern and efficient heating solutions have to offer. But like conventional heating systems, ductless units too can malfunction and cause your family discomfort in your home. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and abundant knowledge of ductless HVAC systems, S&L Prime is your best resource for all of your ductless heating repair needs whether you live in Towson, Catonsville, Perry Hall, White Marsh, Bel Air, or a surrounding area in Maryland.

What is Ductless Heat?

While a conventional heating system delivers warm air to the rooms in your home via ducts and vents and is meant to heat each room evenly at the same time, ductless heating equipment is installed in each room and is often wall-mounted, but can also be a ceiling cassette or low wall application. These indoor units are responsible for heating the rooms in which they are present, which allows you to have temperature control over each area individually.

Why Use Ductless over Conventional Heating?

We’re often asked by customers why a ductless system might be more advantageous to them than a conventional heating unit. Installing a ductless heating system is the ideal option when:

  • There are rooms that you do not spend much time in, or areas that you spend the majority of your time in while you’re at home.
  • Certain rooms in your home stay cold in the winter, even when your primary heating unit is running properly.
  • You’re looking for a new HVAC system that you can control from your smartphone.
  • Your current heating system is failing or old.
  • You’re remodeling your home.
  • You’re having a custom home built.

Look to S&L Prime for Your Ductless HVAC Needs

Our heating and cooling experts have the training and tools necessary to diagnose and fix just about any ductless heating problem you might have. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and get help from our heating professionals so you and your family can stay warm and comfortable all season long.

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