4 Ways to Keep Your Heater in Tip-Top Shape This Winter

Your heater goes through a lot during the winter months. You rely on it to keep you warm, and the last thing you want to deal with is a heater that stops working. That’s why proper maintenance is so important. Here’s how you can keep your heater in tip-top shape this winter:

Replace Your Filters

Filters become dirty throughout the year. If you want a heater that is working efficiently, it’s important to have clean filters. You should be replacing your heater’s filters at least once every one to three months. Once you do, you’ll feel a difference in your heater.

Continually Wipe it Down

Just like the inside of your heater is important for efficiency, keeping the outside of your heater clean is just as important. A clean heater allows warm air to flow freely through your home and provide you with clean air. Incorporate heater cleaning into your weekly household chores, and if your heater is in a place where you can’t reach, have an HVAC technician do it for you. 

Get a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are worth the investment. They not only help you maintain your heater but also help save you money. These devices allow you to program different temperatures throughout the day. That means that you can set it to a warm temperature when you’re home, and set it to a cooler temperature when you’re away from the house. That way, your heater isn’t being overworked. 

Have Regular Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Getting your heating inspected by an HVAC company in Bel Air, MD is a great way to keep it in excellent condition. They can check your energy efficiency and inspect all of the components of your heater. They can also identify minor problems before they have the chance to turn into major problems. When you do professional regular preventative maintenance, you can rest assured your heater is working at its best. 

Keep Your Heater Working Efficiently with S&L Prime

This winter, you can ensure that your heater is in tip-top shape by working with S&L Prime.  Our experienced technicians can do preventive maintenance, heating repair, heat pump repair, and furnace repair. We only use high-quality products with every heating system we work with, so you rest assured that your heater will be built to last. 


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