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How Often Should I Have My HVAC Unit Serviced?

Whether it’s a commercial or residential unit, your HVAC system is extremely important, and you need it running at maximum efficiency. At S&L Prime, we’ve been providing Maryland with our HVAC unit services for years, and plan on doing so for many more. We wanted to take some time today to talk about how often you should have your HVAC system serviced.

What Kind of Service Can An HVAC Technician Provide?

Have you noticed that your HVAC system hasn’t been putting out heat or air at the rate it usually does? If so, then you need some help from a professional HVAC technician. Our team of techs will clean out your system and will restore your air flow, get into contact with us today to have us come out.

When Should I Have My HVAC System Serviced?

Typically, we recommend you have your system looked at at least once a year, though if you’re experiencing issues be sure to get some help sooner. If you notice a lack of airflow, be sure to have a technician check your system out fast. Waiting around could lead to further clogging or damage to the unit, resulting in costly repairs.

Why Do HVAC Units Clog?

Even the most well-designed and most expensive HVAC systems need regular cleaning. Your unit spends all day circling air in and outside, and with this air your unit also brings in dust and dirt particles. These particles gather at specific parts of your unit, and these are the spots that HVAC technicians focus on.

Have Your HVAC System Cleaned By a Professional

Been having some issues with your system? If so, you probably want it working again fast, and the fastest way to get everything flowing again is to work with a professional Maryland HVAC company. S&L Prime has been helping out both business owners and homeowners in Maryland for years. Don’t deal with sub-par air flow anymore, get some help from us today!