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Make Sure Your HVAC Systems are Working Properly Before Extreme Weather

For most people, the last thing they want is to be stuck in a house with no heat when it’s below freezing. While your HVAC system will probably not be at the forefront of your mind when your home is warm and toasty, it certainly will be when it stops working in the winter. To avoid that from happening, be sure to test your HVAC system before extreme weather arrives. Here’s how to do it. 

Make Sure the Area Around the Furnace is Clear

The first step in checking your HVAC system is making sure the area around the furnace is clear from obstructions. Throughout the year, items can pile up around the furnace. Clutter and debris around the furnace are a fire hazard and should be cleared up immediately. 


Check Furnace Air Filters 

Inside your furnace, there are filters that trap airborne contaminants that can negatively impact your air quality. Throughout the year, these air filters will get clogged with debris. When they do, you’ll need to clean or change the filters to ensure that your furnace isn’t using more energy than necessary to heat your home. Before you check your furnace air filters, be sure to turn off the circuit breaker in the main electrical panel supplying power to the furnace. 


Test the Furnace and Thermostat

After you’ve checked and replaced your furnace’s air filters, then it’s time to test the furnace and thermostat. You do this by restoring power to the furnace, turning on the furnace, and checking the thermostat while it’s running. If your home starts to feel warmer and the thermostat looks like it’s reading the temperature correctly, then your HVAC system is good to go. However, if your home doesn’t start to warm up after 15 to 20 minutes, contact your local HVAC company in MD to inspect and repair your system, if necessary. 


Schedule Your Annual HVAC Maintenance Appointment

There’s only so much the average homeowner can do to ensure that their HVAC system is running smoothly. A professional HVAC technician has experience with HVAC systems and can identify potential problems before they turn into big problems. That’s why it’s recommended to have your HVAC system professionally serviced at least once a year. Doing so will ensure that your heating system is equipped to handle extreme winter conditions. 


A Professional Maryland HVAC Company

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