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Preparing Your Home for a Warm Winter

Your home’s HVAC system is what protects you and your loved ones from the harsh winter temperatures. No matter if you like to keep the thermostat in the 60s or the 70s, your HVAC system works hard throughout the winter to ensure that your house stays warm. But in order for your HVAC system to keep your home warm this winter, there are things you can do to help prepare it to work overtime. 

Clean the Furnace

One of the simplest ways to prepare your HVAC system for a warm winter is to clean it. Keeping the area around the furnace or heating system clean is the homeowner’s responsibility if they want an efficient heating system. Luckily, it’s easy to keep it clean. Simply use a cloth to remove dirt and debris to prevent those particles from getting sucked into the furnace. Also, remove any items that are stored around the furnace so that airflow is not blocked. 


Change Air Filters

Your HVAC system is equipped with filters that protect it from contaminants like dirt, dust, and other debris. Over time, these filters will get dirty and affect the system’s performance. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had your filters replaced, it probably means it’s time to change them. Start the winter season off right by giving your HVAC system a fresh start with new filters. 


Reprogram Thermostat

As the seasons change, so should your thermostat’s settings. Households should always have programmable thermostats. If your home doesn’t consider getting one before the winter arrives. 

Switch your thermostat from cooling settings to heating settings. Set it to a comfortable yet energy-efficient temperature setpoint when the home is occupied, and slightly lower the set temperature when the home is not occupied. This will help achieve energy savings and lower heating costs for homeowners. 


Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

Ultimately, it’s best to have your furnace checked by an HVAC professional at least once a year. They will help ensure that your entire system is running efficiently, reliably, and safely. A professional maintenance service provides the system care components that will undo the past season’s wear and tear. Without a yearly tune-up, your heating system will likely be inefficient and eventually cost you money to repair.


Here to Help This Winter

S&L Prime A/C & Heating Systems is here to help your home this winter. Whether you need heating maintenance or heating repair in MD, our experienced HVAC professionals will get the job done right. Click here to request service and receive a FREE estimate.