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What is the Noise Coming from my A/C Unit?

It’s not uncommon for problems to arise with your HVAC system this time of year. Baltimore County homeowners are beginning to turn on their air conditioning since temperatures in Maryland are rising, and if you hear a strange or loud noise coming from your A/C unit, chances are there’s something wrong. When you’re having these troubles, calling your local A/C repair company right away is vital to getting the problem fixed and ensuring your home stays cool this summer. Here are some of the common noises that can signal an issue with your air conditioning system:

#1 – Banging Noise

Normal wear and tear can cause your A/C unit’s compressor to break down over time. The compressor is responsible for cycling refrigerant through the system, and if this component isn’t working properly, you could be hearing a banging noise in addition to experiencing a lack of cool air circulating in your home.

#2 – Clanking Noise

A clanking sound coming from your A/C unit often means that an internal part has come loose. This noise can also be heard when the indoor blower or outside fan blades have become bent or are out of balance, causing them to clank against other parts. The blades can be bent out of shape when debris gets stuck in your unit, so having the fans inspected and debris removed can be a simple solution for eliminating this noise.

#2 – Clicking Noise

Depending on the type of A/C system you have installed in your home, it can be normal to hear a clicking sound when your air conditioning turns on and off. However, the system should not be making frequent clicking sounds while running. If you hear the clicking often, it could mean that your system is turning on and off too rapidly, signaling a bigger issue with a main component of the HVAC system. Additionally, clicking can be due to a defective or faulty thermostat, so in order to keep your home cooling properly and efficiently, it’s vital to have a Baltimore County A/C repair technician inspect the issue as soon as possible.

#4 – Buzzing Noise

If you hear a buzzing sound at your air conditioning’s indoor or outdoor unit, this is commonly a sign of an electrical issue. These problems are typically caused by:

  • Loose wiring
  • Failed motor
  • Faulty compressor
  • Broken capacitor

Luckily, your Baltimore A/C repair specialist can come to your home and inspect your system to find the specific cause of the buzzing noise coming from your air conditioning and provide an effective solution for repair.

Keep Your Home Cool All Season Long with Expert A/C Repair

It’s important to attend to any kind of noise coming from your air conditioning unit(s) right away. Ignoring them can often lead to further damage that requires more significant A/C repairs or even system replacement. S&L Prime is your best resource for HVAC repair and maintenance in Baltimore County, MD. We have many years of experience in our industry and pride ourselves on keeping homeowners comfortable and safe in their homes all year long. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our A/C repair specialists today.

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